Metro Property Service Limited - is a "Customer-first, Credit-based" Hong Kong government-registered money lender company. Our business focuses on the development of property loans and actively explores diversified property mortgage models, including Centralize First, Second Mortgages, the loan, the property transfer and the unpaid landlord public housing homeowner loan. We use our excellent capital and professional experience to provide high-quality property loan services with "professional, reliable and flexible", provide financial analysis and tailor-made loan portfolios for customers to choose from, and provide opportunities for capital turnover. We have more convenient and faster approval procedures than banks. Customers only need to provide simple information, short approval time and better reputation and legal practices than their peers.

As soon as we wash the image of the old-fashioned finance company, the loan is approved from the approval to the monthly repayment, which is extremely transparent and flexible, making it easier for customers to control their financial situation. We must provide the best service for every customer.

Sincerity and professionalism are our tenet; diligence and dedication are our service attitude. As long as you have a property with a turnaround needs, Metro Property - your building will provide you with flexible mortgage services to help you suffocate, with flexible funds and easy cash flow. Whether you are buying a home, investing in a business, starting a business, or planning a career for your children, Metro Property Service Ltd. can help you achieve your life! Please contact our Customer Service Officer to let you enjoy the unexpected service.

You have to repay your loans. Don't pay any intermediaries.

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