First Mortgage Loan

Refers to a new mortgage for the property, which is required to be used as collateral for banks or lending institutions. As long as the owner owns the property, whether the property is a private building, a parking space, a shop, a farmland or a village house, Metro Property Service Ltd can provide guests with a maximum loan amount of up to 80% of the value of the property. We offer a flexible repayment period to ensure professional and fast property loan services. Individuals who are self-employed, retired or have no proof of income are welcome. If you already have a property for a full mortgage, you can also use the one-click loan plan to cash out large sums of money for cash flow. Compared with the bank's complicated approval process, our one-click loan plan can provide you with flexible loan services.

Second Mortgage Loan

It means that the property itself has been mortgaged by a bank or a lending institution and applied for a loan through the property. Metro Property Services Ltd's second-in-one loan program is not limited to the type of property and the age of the building, and will not limit the use of the loan, but also set a special repayment period. When the landlord mortgages the credit institution, the capital turnover is urgently needed. We understand the needs of the owners. Metro Property Service Ltd can use the property that has not been supplied by the credit institution to cash in, and the customer provides the second-click property loan service.


It means that the property has been mortgaged by a bank or a lending institution, and the owner transfers the mortgage of the property to another bank or lending institution. When the owners make loans at other credit institutions and feel that the existing interest expenses are heavy, they can consider reselling to reduce interest expenses. They can also increase the amount of funds by repaying the cash. Metro Property Servicer Ltd welcomes all owners to re-subscribe to the company, and the interest guarantee is lower than the original institution, which can reduce the burden on the owners and start a new life.

Synchronized second mortgage

It means that the property itself has been mortgaged by a bank or other lending institution. However, due to insufficient valuation of the property or insufficient loan borrowing, the owner can make loans through other lending institutions to make up for the difference in the valuation. The mortgage will be synchronized with the mortgage get on. Our simultaneous two-click solution can solve the mortgage problem caused by the sudden capital or undervaluation of the owner.

SME Loan Service

The company provides flexible financial services for any SME owners with various loan products, installment loans, overdrafts, fixed loans, project financing, trade financing, etc., to assist your company to expand its business.

Whether it is a private residence, a tenement house, a village house, an office building, an industrial building, a shop or a parking space, etc., as long as the property is at hand, it can be easily cashed out.

Property Owner's Personal Loan Service

Anyone is in urgent need of a loan and the company can also provide flexible revolving loan services.

The loan amount is up to 8 times the monthly salary, and the repayment is flexible and easy. The client director adjusts the repayment period according to the contingent's ability to ensure the most satisfactory service.

Target :
All owners of the property (including half or part of the title)
Loan Details :
The loan amount can be up to HK$10,000,000-
Optional interest rate sharing for long-term or consolidated debt needs
Or a short-term contribution to meet short-term turnover needs
Custom repayment period, always ready to borrow
Loan Characteristics :
Credit report will not be the final determinant
Very fast approval
Required Documents :
Identification documents
Proof of address
Bank or financial institution for building records
Property Rating Document

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